New Functions 

New key Functions

      New Intelligent Pocket Milling (IPM)

  • New Intelligent Pocket Milling (IPM) in MAZATROL automatically generates a tool path to maintain a constant angle of tool engagement resulting in an even load on the tool and optimised cutting conditions even for difficult to cut materials

  • Can reduce cycle time for machining pockets by up to 60% compared to programs generated with a conventional off-set tool path

    smooth technology functionsSeamless Corner Control (SCC)

  • Developed to reduce cycle time and improve machined surface quality by reducing acceleration/ deceleration times and machine vibration typically attributed to high speed changes in axis direction

    Variable Acceleration Control (VAC)

  • VAC reduces cycle times by enabling the optimal axis acceleration for the combination of axes within an individual program block rather than the slowest axis for the overall program sequence

    Smooth Machining Configuration (SMC)

  • Allows the machine performance affecting accuracy, velocity and smoothness, to be fine-tuned according to the type of component and machining operation i.e., roughing, semi-finishing, finishing and simultaneous 5-axis

  • Simple to use touch screen sliders – similar to an equaliser on audio equipment – can be used to adjust relevant parameters

    NOTE: for new SCC, VAC and SMC functions

  • Seamless Corner Control, Variable Acceleration Control and Smooth Machining Configuration combine to reduce cycle times, improve machined surface accuracy and optimise machine performance for fine increment programs such as simultaneous 5-axis machining and free-form sufaces